Horse-drawn carriages are just plain wrong
Horse-drawn carriages are just plain wrong
November 11, 2021

Horse-drawn carriages are just plain wrong

We are coming back with an important information: please remember that horse-drawn carriages are just plain wrong. 🐴


Here’re the reasons:

🐴 Horses used to pull carriages are forced to work in all kinds of weather conditions.

🐴 Because they are sometimes forced to work in big cities and breathe in exhaust fumes, horses used in this way can get very sick and have problems with their lungs.

🐴 They’re forced to work in busy places like Morskie Oko in Poland, even though it can cause them a lot of stress.

🐴 They’re forced to walk on hard pavement many hours a day, and because of this, they often have serious leg problems.

🐴 Lots of horse-drawn carriages have been hit by cars.

🐴 Horses may be killed when they become too old and tired to pull the carriages. There are no laws preventing these horses from being sent to slaughter.

🐴 Horses aren’t protected by the Animal Welfare Act.


Choose wisely and do not choose horse-drawn carriages.

📸 @lukasz.nowosad

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