Freedom from modern slavery of the fashion industry: “The Conscience of Clothing” movie screening
Freedom from modern slavery of the fashion industry: “The Conscience of Clothing” movie screening
Time: January 28, 2022

Freedom from modern slavery of the fashion industry: “The Conscience of Clothing” movie screening

“Freedom from modern slavery of the fashion industry: film screening and a panel discussion” is a collaboration between interart_s, Klimafestivalen § 112 and Patrick Kohl – an independent storyteller and film director from Berlin.

The project is part of Klimafestivalen § 112 and contains two parts: The Conscience of Clothing movie screening (the movie will be screened in Norway for the first time) and subsequent discussion about human rights, working conditions in the garment industry in Cambodia and the wider cultural context.

ABOUT THE FILM (97 min):

Patrick Kohl, the director of The Conscience of Clothing, calls his documentary “a journey, a process and a mission”. The movie is an authentic snapshot of an industry that accounts for the livelihood and everyday reality of roughly a fifth of Cambodia’s population.

“The omnipresence of cheap clothing made us forget about the human and ecological resources it takes to produce garments. Over the last decades, the fashion industry has woven a net of global supply chains, which make it very difficult for consumers to trace the production of their clothes. The constant shift of production sites to countries with cheaper production costs has perpetuated social inequalities between those who produce and those who consume clothes” — says the young director and adds: “What happens if you merge these worlds and send two German social media influencers out to meet stakeholders in Cambodia in order to find out what it means to make clothing?”

The main film characters — fashion blogger Willy Iffland and journalist Helen Fares — visit diverse people in different positions in the industry and they get honest and intimate insights. Both of them take a deep dive into the heart of Cambodian’s apparel industry and they draw their own conclusions.


Subsequent part of the event is a panel discussion, where we will talk with Patrick KohlWilly Iffland and Karoline Hestnes — a country coordinator of Fashion Revolution Norway, creative leader and coordinator of Fashion For Ocean and founder/designer of A/BARENESS — slow fashion brand based in Nepal and Norway.

During the discussion we would like to ask our guests about their personal reflections on the trip to Cambodia and how it influenced their life and work. We will also try to answer questions about what fast fashion is and what it really signifies. We would like to touch on subjects of toxic and dangerous chemicals used for manufacturing clothes, air and water pollution, child labour and exploited workers. At the same time we will try to find sustainable solutions we can introduce to our daily choices and prove that thanks to collective actions we can change things for the better.



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