A list of Norwegian sustainable brands, which are worth noting

🪡 Nina Skarra Oslo (@ninaskarra) – who uses 100% biodegradable materials only and also contributes substantially towards female empowerment

🪡 A/BARENESS Ethical Slow Fashion (@abarenessfashion) – brand based in Nepal & Norway, which focus on ethical & sustainable production. 1% from each product they sell goes to the Give Back project, where they provide clean drinking water for children at schools in Nepal 💙

🪡Leila Hafzi (@leilahafzi) – she started her brand in 1997 in Stavanger, Norway, “and has been a “leading lady” on the scene of ethical and eco-conscious high-end fashion ever since”. (source: https://www.scandinaviastandard.com/sustainable-fashion-brands-in-scandinavia/)

🪡 Oleana (@oleana.no) – family company established in 1992. They say: “We can no longer accept the humiliating working conditions of many women and children in order to produce inexpensive textile products. Our material choices of wool, alpaca and silk are not just superior quality but also good environmental choices.
Oleana’s collection is produced in our own factory in Norway”.

🪡 Gembiak (@dominikagembiak) – “womenswear label with a mission to create uncompromisingly sustainable yet thoughtfully designed clothes”.

🪡 byTiMo – fashion brand inspired by vintage fashion, using organic fabrics. Beautiful and very feminine designs 💚

🪡 JF Curated (@jfcurated) – one of our favourites shops that gathers many talented Scandinavian sustainable fashion designers and jewelry makers. Conscious. Luxurious. Sustainable.

📸 @lukasz.nowosad

A list of Norwegian sustainable brands, which are worth noting

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